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 Oct 2015 – march 2015. i had the opportunity to work a lot in a workshop, helped people in the community to take part in the organisation including individuals with mental health issues.

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15556214_10211838543026118_1225214426_oMy aim was to discuss how females especially are targeted and how it can negatively effect us, warping our view of our external appearance and how that over powering feeling can subdue our external self.

My research resulting in my experimenting with different ways of portraying this message. Although my final piece  is figurative i experimented in different ways of how i would distort and create a physical abnormality. i experimented by taking away the eyes at first, i thought this would be a good way of representing absence in the being. after researching different artists i managed to focus on my final piece on a particular theme. My idea is based on how the media can effect our physicality resulting in us becoming more fake and unrealistic. Throughout the project i feel that my skills on exploring a wide range of elements then being able to narrow it down to a more defined subject.

i think that my final piece is a success overall, from the design, tones used and the quirky domestic tools hidden within it. If there was anything that i would change or improve about the piece, then i would smooth out the skin and hair more to contrast with the Sharpe edges of the neck. What i would have studied further is other peoples opinions on the subject,then i would have been able  to voyage into other ends of the spectrum.

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Linder Stirling

4073After researching Linder Stirlings work i decided to include house hold objects in my portrait. combining these domestic objects in with the profile in my work created a robotic and futuristic feel to it. i still wanted the image to possess an feminine element, so i chose to go back to one of my original ideas of adding a lot of sparkle and shine to the piece. The artists designs really helped me to narrow down my ideas for my final piece.

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My Approach

17176006_10212664781561565_71736524_oThere are quite a few elements I want to employ in my work. Mainly experimenting  with portraiture and how I can alter it to communicate the issue  I want to unveil. I will experiment with both painting and merging images together, investigating how to contrast two elements together in one piece through theme, style, pattern or maybe colour. I will consider the theme used and what will best describe the matter of how the media affect women. I will document the painting and ideas that flow with it through the process.

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So far in my research I have decided to narrow down my focus on female distortion, whether that be through movement and patterns or combining other contrasting images with the portrait similar to Linder Stirlings work. I have decided to practise my secondary research using photographs and experiment by collaging them together to create an abnormal image to paint. My primary research was helpful in terms of understanding what it was I wanted to voice, understanding what visual representation would grip an audience and what I, myself would find intriguing to undertake throughout the project. Overall, I find refining the external image of the negative culmination of the media more prominent to display rather than what it can do emotionally at this stage.
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I envision my work in a formal gallery with white walls and bright lighting. I feel that this atmosphere would bring out the detail and intensity of my piece. However, I would like to experiment by exhibiting my work in a busy environment, essentially placing it in a shopping mall or an underground train station. somewhere where false promotion occurs the most.

I see my work sitting alongside the work of artists such as Linder Stirling and Barbara Kruger in terms of communicating a feminists opinion and deforming the female figure.

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Secondary research

14914972_10211391366486984_1758191217_nFor my research I will include photographs of a few females in my family from different decades to represent the the sustained influence of capitalism on the female sense of self.  A short film called ‘supervenus’ by Frederic Doazan made me want to focus on how the capital effects the female body over era’s and how eventually it results in self-destruction. I will focus on books such as Beauty unlimited by Peg Zeglin Brand and Portraiture:Facing the subject by Joanna Woodall. This information will help Broaden my knowledge on female portraiture and portraiture itself, how a portrait has the means to express the inner soul and character. Originally my work was triggered by a magazine published this year called ‘girls life’ where the front page motives of ‘looking great’ contrasted with the ‘boys life’ magazine stressing how they should ‘explore their future’. I would compare my work with artists such as Linder Stirling, Ana Mandieta and Barbara Kruger in terms of using attractive females as the subject then dismantling them in some way, shape or form. All of these artists highlight the question of sexism in our society consequently explaining that females are the victim.

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primary sources

5188399_origI will explore the potential of a range of materials for my work. For my final piece I plan work in 2D. I’ll be exploring the use of bold colours, pattern and designs to represent the excessive nature of advertising. The majority of my artworks will be paintings and drawings. My work is essentially figurative; I also make use of distortion, physical abnormality and the co-existence of machined and natural forms to reveal an inner vacuum. I intend to include different medias and ideas that may influence me for other outcomes alongside creating quick sketches and designs to vent out different styles and designs.

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ppBy the end of my project, I will complete a large scale portrait of myself showing no emotion. First I will experiment with various ideas and media of how I could portray the inhuman and emotionless version of myself. To help benefit my ideas I will research artists that exercise the same feminist notion to steer my outcome and adopt a suitable approach. I will incorporate all elements that are included in this topic, such as advertising and how it so dramatically presents a great illusion. I’ll look into how this topic has been an on going influence since othe early 20th Century. I intend to create work that conveys the extreme negative consequence of the effects of advertising.  I will portray this idea through my final piece which will explore a transformed and dehumanised female. It would be a challenge to experiment through this concept as I would be the creator of the subject and at the same time become the destroyer. By taking away the identity leaving just the makeup leaves just the outer shell. Similar to the vibrant magazine I visualise my work to be on a large scale, with intense definition and bold colours. I would like the subject to fill the scale of the board to create an intense, up close feeling. My work may imitate the flashy advertisement theme, but the message I will  portray is far different.