paintings so far..


So this is my 3.2 progress so far…

I have researched a lot of artists so far. my research has helped me to see many ways of how i can destroy a portrait to reveal the dismantled mind set of the individual. However i have discovered to destroy something it first has to be whole, complete and untouched. these are the three portraits i have completed so far ready to dismantle.

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My Approach

17916977_10213072336030172_1016461872_oThere are a few essentials I want to include in my work. Mainly investigating with portraiture and how I can adjust it to unveil the matter I want to reveal. I will exercise with both painting in detail and negligence, with the positives and the dismissive. Focusing where the energy will be located in relation to the emptiness on the paper, investigating how to contrast two elements together in one piece through theme, style, pattern or maybe colour. I will consider the theme used and what will best describe the matter of how the media affects women. I will document the painting and ideas that drift with it through the development.

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17901880_10213072335950170_826322279_oSo far in my research I have decided to focus on shattered female portraiture, whether that be through dismantling, movement and patterns or subtracting parts of the figure similar to the artist David Cambrea. I have decided to practise my secondary research using photographs and experiment by rough sketching with a loose hand and an inaccurate depiction, picking up glimmers of character formed with a crumbling, uneasy method. My primary research was helpful in terms of understanding what it was I wanted to voice, understanding what visual representation would grip an audience and what I, myself would find intriguing to undertake throughout the project. Overall, I find refining the internal image resulting from the negative culmination of the media more gripping because its less obvious with more depth.

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I imagine my work in a formal gallery with white walls and bright lighting. I feel that this atmosphere would bring out the detail and intensity of my piece. However, I would like to experiment by exhibiting my work in a busy environment, essentially placing it in a shopping mall or an underground train station. somewhere where false promotion occurs the most.

I see my work sitting alongside the work of artists such as Helene Delmaire, and Danny O’Connor in terms of communicating a feminists opinion and deforming the female figure using.

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Seconday Resorces

IMG_7924For my research I will include first hand photography of a few females, these will benefit my experiment with diverse designs through photoshop, sketching and paint designs. I will explore various books and articles based on how women health has become affected by societies expectations. This information will help Broaden my knowledge on how I will depict the corrupt side of the portrait. While researching positive, elevating information on femininity will help inspire and enlighten my vision towards the optimistic side of the portrait, which has the means to express the inner soul and character. I would compare my work with artists such as Helene Delmaire, Jessica romondi, kim byungkwan and Danny O’connor in terms of using simple figurative portraits as the subject then dismantling them in some way, shape or form. All of these artists portray a strong notion of disintegrating, discontinuing and mystery.

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Primary Resources


I will investigate the potential range of resources for my work. Same as my 3.1 piece, I plan to work in 2D. I’ll be exploring with bold colours, fluidity and sharpe contrasts to represent the charisma and dignity of the subject, in contrast to experimenting with various ways of blanking, blurring and evaporating the subject to signify the fight between the individuals strengths and weakness’s in one image. Most of my artworks will be paintings and drawings. My work is essentially figurative, but I will make use of distortion and discontinuing to reveal an abandoned portrait. I intend to include different medias and ideas that may influence me for other outcomes alongside creating quick sketches and designs to vent out different styles and designs.
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14803169_10211245131471200_538369363_oMy aim is to convey my belief that the media burdens women to want to become something more, something that they are not. Women are brought down mentally by the weight of feeling that they have to look like a dishonest representations of women which are deployed through our advertisement. It has become such an effect on women that they are now more troubled about their external look rather than their true inner self. With the focus channelled in the wrong area this can result in mental health issues, eating disorders, anxiety, depression etc…

I chose to embody this concept through experimenting with materials and movement, but my final idea will represent a female figure with some element of disintegration and decaying. I want the viewer to perceive the piece as exhausting and wearing to look at. I have previously formed a painting representing a figure with intense detail illustrating a strong, robotic model, but for this project I intend to create a piece that reveals a portrait with a sense of looseness, fluidity and absence to represent the females distorted, dismantled emotions inside.

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helenedelmaire_beautifulbizarre_15For my last project 3.1, My attention was focused on how the media effects and influences young women through advertisement and brands, how advertising targets women, in particular, to look and perform in a certain way. For module 3.2,  I wanted to investigate this subject further, but from a different viewpoint. For this module my main focus will signify how women, specifically suffer from feeling that they don’t meet their own high standards, from feeling inadequate. Throughout my work I will reveal how women are mentally battered by the medias pressures and how it can negatively effect us, twisting our opinion of not only our appearance but how that forceful feeling can shatter our internal self resulting in mental illness’s. 3.1 was focusing on how it effects our image, 3.2 will follow on the research of how it can affect us emotionally.