3.2, blog


helenedelmaire_beautifulbizarre_15For my last project 3.1, My attention was focused on how the media effects and influences young women through advertisement and brands, how advertising targets women, in particular, to look and perform in a certain way. For module 3.2,  I wanted to investigate this subject further, but from a different viewpoint. For this module my main focus will signify how women, specifically suffer from feeling that they don’t meet their own high standards, from feeling inadequate. Throughout my work I will reveal how women are mentally battered by the medias pressures and how it can negatively effect us, twisting our opinion of not only our appearance but how that forceful feeling can shatter our internal self resulting in mental illness’s. 3.1 was focusing on how it effects our image, 3.2 will follow on the research of how it can affect us emotionally.


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