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14803169_10211245131471200_538369363_oMy aim is to convey my belief that the media burdens women to want to become something more, something that they are not. Women are brought down mentally by the weight of feeling that they have to look like a dishonest representations of women which are deployed through our advertisement. It has become such an effect on women that they are now more troubled about their external look rather than their true inner self. With the focus channelled in the wrong area this can result in mental health issues, eating disorders, anxiety, depression etc…

I chose to embody this concept through experimenting with materials and movement, but my final idea will represent a female figure with some element of disintegration and decaying. I want the viewer to perceive the piece as exhausting and wearing to look at. I have previously formed a painting representing a figure with intense detail illustrating a strong, robotic model, but for this project I intend to create a piece that reveals a portrait with a sense of looseness, fluidity and absence to represent the females distorted, dismantled emotions inside.


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