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Secondary research

14914972_10211391366486984_1758191217_nFor my research I will include photographs of a few females in my family from different decades to represent the the sustained influence of capitalism on the female sense of self.  A short film called ‘supervenus’ by Frederic Doazan made me want to focus on how the capital effects the female body over era’s and how eventually it results in self-destruction. I will focus on books such as Beauty unlimited by Peg Zeglin Brand and Portraiture:Facing the subject by Joanna Woodall. This information will help Broaden my knowledge on female portraiture and portraiture itself, how a portrait has the means to express the inner soul and character. Originally my work was triggered by a magazine published this year called ‘girls life’ where the front page motives of ‘looking great’ contrasted with the ‘boys life’ magazine stressing how they should ‘explore their future’. I would compare my work with artists such as Linder Stirling, Ana Mandieta and Barbara Kruger in terms of using attractive females as the subject then dismantling them in some way, shape or form. All of these artists highlight the question of sexism in our society consequently explaining that females are the victim.


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