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15556214_10211838543026118_1225214426_oMy aim was to discuss how females especially are targeted and how it can negatively effect us, warping our view of our external appearance and how that over powering feeling can subdue our external self.

My research resulting in my experimenting with different ways of portraying this message. Although my final piece  is figurative i experimented in different ways of how i would distort and create a physical abnormality. i experimented by taking away the eyes at first, i thought this would be a good way of representing absence in the being. after researching different artists i managed to focus on my final piece on a particular theme. My idea is based on how the media can effect our physicality resulting in us becoming more fake and unrealistic. Throughout the project i feel that my skills on exploring a wide range of elements then being able to narrow it down to a more defined subject.

i think that my final piece is a success overall, from the design, tones used and the quirky domestic tools hidden within it. If there was anything that i would change or improve about the piece, then i would smooth out the skin and hair more to contrast with the Sharpe edges of the neck. What i would have studied further is other peoples opinions on the subject,then i would have been able  to voyage into other ends of the spectrum.


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