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ppBy the end of my project, I will complete a large scale portrait of myself showing no emotion. First I will experiment with various ideas and media of how I could portray the inhuman and emotionless version of myself. To help benefit my ideas I will research artists that exercise the same feminist notion to steer my outcome and adopt a suitable approach. I will incorporate all elements that are included in this topic, such as advertising and how it so dramatically presents a great illusion. I’ll look into how this topic has been an on going influence since othe early 20th Century. I intend to create work that conveys the extreme negative consequence of the effects of advertising.  I will portray this idea through my final piece which will explore a transformed and dehumanised female. It would be a challenge to experiment through this concept as I would be the creator of the subject and at the same time become the destroyer. By taking away the identity leaving just the makeup leaves just the outer shell. Similar to the vibrant magazine I visualise my work to be on a large scale, with intense definition and bold colours. I would like the subject to fill the scale of the board to create an intense, up close feeling. My work may imitate the flashy advertisement theme, but the message I will  portray is far different.


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